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    Dream Angus was created to offer  you information and support, to help you resolve  your child/children’s sleep disorders and sleep difficulties . Our  research and evidence based services are tailored to suit your family, your lifestyle, and your child.

    The name of our site comes from a traditional Scots lullaby. Dream-Angus was the bringer of dreams and good sleep to children, so this concept links nicely to our Children’s Sleep Management service. Our company was set up primarily to address the problems parents have when their child or children ;

    • Take a long time to settle to sleep
    • Will not settle without a parents presence
    • Wake frequently during the night and demand attention

    Sleep problems are very common. Most children’s sleep problems happen only occasionally, and get better on their own.

    If they do not resolve on their own, you need to take them seriously.
    We know that 84% of children aged between 15-48 months, with bedtime resistance and/or night waking continued to have significant sleep disturbance when reviewed three years later. The detrimental effect this has on the child’s physical, emotional, cognitive and social development, and the impact on parents and other family members is far reaching and well documented.

    • Settling difficulties affect 25-30% of toddlers
    • Bedtime resistance (refusal to go to bed) 10-15%
    • Night waking 15-20%

    Children with daytime behaviour problems are often children who are poor sleepers. Yet these problems are preventable, and the effectiveness of behavioural treatments is proven.
    Children’s sleep is a relatively new area of medicine. It is only 50 years since Rapid Eye Movement (REM Sleep) was first identified and, although there has been a considerable amount of research into adult sleep and adult sleep issues it is only in the last few years that children’s sleep has begun to be examined in a similar way. Sleep, and sleep deprivation, or poor quality sleep is a public health issue. The cost to companies whose employees have sleep problems, or whose family members sleep problem impinges on the health of the employee is enormous. Yet there are few services set up to meet this need.
    Dream-Angus is just such a service.

    If you have concerns about your child’s sleep, call us, or use the contact page, and we will call you back  at a mutually  convenient time.  A fifteen minute consultation is free of cost and obligation.

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