• Testimonials

    Mev. B   “Thank you very much for your invaluable help during these weeks.  Your support, your empathy, and your advice made it possible for all of us to sleep as we had not been able to since his birth. The result was well-rested parents and son!  You made us also confident in our style of parenting and able to understand our little one’s language. After all the unsolicited advice received that we had received to let him cry, it was quite a relief for us listening to your words and thinking that trying to listen to our child was the right decision. We have really no words to thank you for your work.”

    Fam. W    “Our son is doing really well. He is going to sleep most nights within a 10 minute routine and generally sleeping through the night till 7am. We still can’t quite believe it, and although there have been a couple of nights where he has woken up for a quick cuddle, he has made a complete change in his sleeping pattern – and so have we!  Thank you so much for your help. Grandparents have just been staying with us and they couldn’t believe the change. They thought it was incredible how well he now falls asleep on his own and sleeps through the night. We felt really proud.”

    Mev. C. Den Haag  “We would have never believed that we could have such an improvement so quickly! We have had more sleep in the past few weeks than we managed in the last two years, thank you Deirdre.”

    Mev. G    ” It was a pleasure working with you. We really appreciate all your support and advice. You have really taught us a lot during these past months, now we actually get some time to talk in the evening.”

    Mrs M. Brown Amsterdam “I hardly believed it when Deirdre told us that her goal was for our daughter to be sleeping 12 hours a night by the end of our contract. Our baby had digressed from sleeping fairly well as a newborn to being a 6-month-old who barely slept unless she was held. My husband and I were both too exhausted to be consistent. The biggest plus for me was the individual coaching. It was so reassuring to have one, sympathetic expert to turn to with my questions and concerns. And we soon began seeing significant improvements. Deirdre was as good as her word and by the time our daughter turned 8 months old she was napping well, going to bed without fuss, and generally sleeping through the night without needing parental support. Working with Dream Angus was money extremely well spent and we frequently recommend Deirdre’s services to other new parents. Thank you so much for your help with our daughter – it has made a real difference in our quality of life!”

    Mrs. J. McDonald, Scotland “It was so good to be able to talk things through with someone who understood. Within a few days we could see dramatic improvements in C’s sleep pattern. I only wish we had found you earlier.”

    Ms. M. Reynolds, Scotland ” I was so pleased that I didn’t have to stick with crying it out. I thought that was the only way but Deirdre showed me a gentler solution and now we all enjoy a good night’s sleep. I feel more confident and can laugh at situations that would have left me in tears”

    Mrs. D. Adams, Den Haag “Your programme and support have been great! B is now sleeping through consistently. He is benefiting so much from the extra sleep, I cannot tell you how much difference this has made to all of us. He is just so much healthier and happier, with an appetite that is threatening to eat us out of house and home. I am truly grateful.”

    Mrs. R. Ashby, Amsterdam “Our baby was waking so often during the night that I was getting less than 3-4 hours sleep.   From the first contact we learned so much from Deirdre that I wished we had begun to work with her sooner. She helped us to understand our baby’s needs and gave us the tools to adjust his, and our behaviour appropriately.  Her advice was compassionate and effective. She was flexible in her approach throughout the program, responding to our baby and comfort levels as parents, not working on a predetermined formula for success. Two months later our baby is still sleeping well during daytime and at night, making him a happier baby and us much happier parents. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dream-Angus to any parent who could use some help to change their child’s behaviour in a positive and constructive way.”

    Mrs.K. Haddon Den Haag “In March was in the depths of despair and chaos three months after having Oliver (my second child), with no routine, no sleep and no idea where to turn.  Oliver and I didn’t like each other very much.  I saw an advert for Dream Angus on the internet and called Deirdre straight away.  She arrived and immediately, before she even opened her mouth, I felt calmer.  Being an ex-pat with no Mum or Health Visitor on hand, her sympathetic, common-sense attitude was exactly what I needed to feel less alone and human again.

    The sleep training was tough on the whole family, but with Deirdre at the end of the phone for advice and encouragement we got through it.  I would recommend Dream Angus to anyone who is going through what I experienced without a doubt.  Oliver, now 9 months, and I are having fun and my husband and I have begun to have a social life again!  Thank you Deirdre

    Mrs. T. Bloch Amsterdam  “I have worked with Deirdre for about two months and she not only helped us to get into a nice sleeping routine with our baby girl, but she also knows so much about anything baby related. After each conversation and visit, Deirdre took the time to send me a summary of everything we discussed. Now I can use this for future reference. I will always contact Deirdre as a trusted adviser and cannot recommend her enough.”