When should I call you?

    When you recognise that you have a problem and you genuinely want to change things. If you tell us that someone else says you have a problem, then you are either not ready to address the issue or you have no problem.

    Should I come alone to the first appointment?

    Our first appointment is very important and we would be happy if both parents can be there. If this is not possible we need to know that both parents, or the adults pivotal in the child’s life will work together and be consistent in following any plan.

    Can I bring the child/children with me?

    If your child is over a year old, then the answer has to be no. Little ears hear things and often don’t fully understand what is being said, or the context. It can undermine your relationship with your child, when you are talking about them in a negative way. ¬†You and your child have an established relationship and you know your child best, therefore, you are the best person to work with your child. We prefer to work directly with you. You demonstrate more respect for your child when you avoid talking about our visits and plans in front of him/her.

    How long will this take?

    The first consultation will be the longest at 1.5-2 hours. After that consults usually take 30-40 minutes. The time taken to resolve the problems is dependant on your own commitment to following through. From previous experience we would expect that once the targets are agreed, and the plan in place, the issues would be resolved within a few weeks.

    Is there anything I can do myself to improve things?

    If you are already following the “Good sleep hygiene” steps and still have problems you should contact us, we can help you.
    If you would like a free copy of this guide please contact us.

    What is my part in this?

    Plans are individually tailored to your own problem and situation. Once we have set a plan we expect you to stick to it until our next contact. If you feel it is not going well, get in touch and we will discuss it.

    We do not expect any parent to follow a plan they are in any way unhappy with. This is why it is so important that we work together to identify a way of working that is acceptable and practical for your family. This means we need to understand your priorities and your method of parenting. We only know what you tell us about yourself.

    What age is the youngest child you have worked with?

    Infants as young as 60 days recognise the difference between night and day. It is possible to start to teach your child, at this stage, to go to sleep without you. While this is the youngest age one can start to train, in practice most parents keep trying to resolve difficulties themselves until 3-6months.