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    Dream-Angus Blogspot Here you will find more information about particular sleep disorders and sleep disturbance.

    At the end of May 2009 Dream-Angus collated the results of the Child Health and Family Support Services Survey, which was run in collaboration with Family Consulting Services,TheHagueOnLine and Den Haag Hogeschool. These results informed the two Family Solutions conferences in Delft in Juneof 2009. If you would like a copy of the summary or a copy of this report in full please request one through our contacts page.


    Living in Amsterdam and looking for ante natal classes in English?  www.childbirthclassgale.com

    Den Haag :- www.mindfulbirth.nl

    Supporting sites for children’s issues and information :
    Dutch based

    Expat Child Psychology


    Single Parents Group.

    There is a group run by single parents for single parents. It is for all Dutch and International people living in the Netherlands. This group has had meetings in Amsterdam with many more planned. The direction the group takes will be decided by it’s members. If you are a single parent in the Netherlands and want to know more about this venture then;-

    contact Louise Burger loulouburger@gmail.com

    Separation and Divorce – how it affects the children;-  http://bit.ly/xLCOYh

    Expat support http://www.expatfinder.com

    www.DyslexiaUntied.blogspot.com Dyslexia is a big issue for 4-6% of parents and children who struggle to cope with difficulties reading and writing . Too often children are seen as having failed in some way, as they try to develop ways of coping with the written word. There are successful strategies which your child can learn that will dramatically improve their reading and writing. These strategies do not involve the purchase of tools or prolonged therapies. For more information take a look at this site.

    UK based

    USA based sites



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